Letterpressed typography and screenprinted embellishments
"In breathless calm and light-filled night
With pelt held tight to moon-pale skin
Tortured life and love is past
She slips away in ocean-vast"
"In aching dreams of sea-expanse
Escapes in waves of bliss unbound
Drowning pain, sorrow dies
Unfettered freedom, expanding skies"
"Trapped by family, love that binds
Searching glances, whispered lies
Doting mother, faithful wife
Knuckled down to arid life"
"Choking duty, foetid love
Clamping tight on ebbing heart
Salt tears fall from closing eyes
Forsaken life of passing time"
"Unprotected, tide exposed
Shifting sand and ancient rock
Flesh revealed to soothing wind
Fear touches moon-pale skin"